Bag a bottomless pit – search no more…..

Having a bottomless pit of a purse is such a common problem. Why do we put up with the annoyance and hassle of always having to dig around in the bottom of our purses for the things we know we have in there, but for some reason cannot find? The issue gets especially exacerbated when we become moms and still desperately want to use our own stylish purse instead of a frumpy, cartoon character strewn diaper bag – but that choice often leaves us with the screaming child and the soother that is nowhere to be found.

Plenty of companies have realised that this is an issue – and the design of diaper bags has certainly come on a lot in the last few years – but here an organizing solution for all purse-lovers out there; which will continue to please long after your children have outgrown their diapers. Introducing: the removable purse insert.

There are many of these removable purse inserts on the market to choose from – but this is a particular favourite of mine. The Chameleon comes in a large assortment of colours, sizes, and you even have a choice of structured or unstructured design to suit the type of purse you have. All for a very reasonable price – and YES they ship to Canada.

Like the idea of smiling every time you reach into your purse and can actually find what you need? Invest in a purse insert and save yourself time and frustration for evermore.