Become a De-cluttering Pro

De-cluttering is a commonly used word today, especially with the dawn of reality television showing us the sad state many people can find themselves in after decades of adding to their possessions without letting any go.

Most people have some clutter in their homes at any one time, but the problem comes when the clutter prevents your space from functioning for you and your family – increasing your stress, and wasting your time and money. So how do you de-clutter effectively? Follow some of these simple steps to help you become a de-cluttering pro:


  1. When choosing a place to start de-cluttering start small. Decide on one room, or if a whole room is overwhelming just one specific area of a room, to tackle at a time.
  2. Label up some boxes or bags with the following: “keep”, “donate”, “trash” and “belongs elsewhere”, and sort your possessions into these catagories.
  3. Try to make quick decisions about what to do with each item and don’t get lost down memory lane or stuck in a sentimental rut – the reality is that if you don’t use it, you don’t need it – especially if you don’t have the space for it.
  4. If a lot of the items you are sorting through bring back personal memories of family or friends or of when your children were small, set aside a box (that you have storage room for) and limit yourself to keeping only what will fit in.
  5. Take photographs of items of sentimental value that are too big to keep, and have an album or photo box ready to pop them straight in once printed.
  6. Set aside time to go more thoroughly through important paperwork – you don’t want to regret throwing away documents.
  7. Deal with items for donation and trash as soon as you have finished de-cluttering – put the bags/boxes into your car and dispose of ASAP.
  8. Bring in the reinforcements – many people can de-clutter effectively by themselves, but when it all gets too much, or you feel like you are just shifting your clutter from one room to another, or you are simply too busy to tackle your stuff on your own it is time to bring in the professionals.

Seriously Organized specializes in helping and teaching you how to effectively de-clutter, reorganize and reclaim your space. Check out our Organizing Services page for “The Classic” – a pay by the hour de-cluttering and organizing service (2 hr min); perfect for tackling any size of organizing project, with your budget in mind.