Home Staging Tips

Wanting to sell your home quickly and attract potential buyers? Most realtors will suggest you de-clutter and de-personalize your space prior to putting your house on the market – very good advice, but often taken too far by sellers who prepare their home for sale on their own.

Buyers need to imagine their own furniture and possessions in your home, but that is as difficult for them to do if there is too little as if there is too much! Follow these simple steps to start to make your home more inviting to buyers:

  1. Make the purpose of every room clear i.e. if a room is a bedroom, but you use it as a den, stage the room as a bedroom while you are selling;
  2. De-clutter, but do leave some select decorative items/books on display – bare shelves are not attractive;
  3. De-personalize by removing excessive numbers of family photographs, but leave a couple that give an impression of your successful ’lifestyle’ to buyers;
  4. Remove items that are very personal in taste i.e. you may love your collection of antique dolls, but many others may find their presence distracting;
  5. Tidy up and clean your entrance way and front yard – that good first impression is vital;
  6. Complete any small repair jobs;
  7. Clean the bathrooms and kitchen thoroughly (imagine how you would like a hotel bathroom to look when you arrive); and finally
  8. Make sure your home is clean and tidy before every viewing.

These points may sound obvious, but plenty of sellers don’t make the effort and miss out on reaping the rewards. Many people benefit from having a professional helping hand to save them time (and ultimately money) to get their home ready to sell – please see our Organizing Services section for more details on how Seriously Organized can get your home “Ship-shape for Selling” ASAP!