Some of the comments made by clients of Seriously Organized:

“As a full-time working professional with a jam-packed social calendar, I couldn’t find the time or energy to address a spare bedroom that had become a total junk heap.  A friend recommended that I try a professional organizer.  While I was first uncertain about paying for such a service, I am certainly glad I did.  Angela developed easy and inexpensive storage solutions for my accumulation of items and quickly turned the room back into a functioning spare bedroom.  She coached me on the basics of organization and I have been able to use that knowledge to stayed organized on a day to day basis, as well as through a house move and a major renovation.  I would not hesitate to recommend Angela and her services!”

           Jennifer, Edmonton

“I had Angela organize my spare bedroom closet. Once we developed the basement this was the only space we had left for storage and because of that had boxes stacked from floor to ceiling inside it. The closet is an unusual shape in that many of the walls are too narrow to hold standard shelving and the one wall had angling that made it unusable. Angela was super professional and efficient. She took everything out of the closet and had me go through it and purge what was no longer needed. Then organized it all in bins for me (rather then ugly and flimsy cardboard boxes!) She had great ideas that I never would of thought of such as rolling extra Christmas ribbon around an empty toilet paper roll to keep it neat and tidy! Angela found a great stand alone shelf for me and because of the funny angling in the room she set it up away from the back wall allowing for some hidden space for items that were delicate and/or not needed to be accessible. Another great idea she had that I absolutely loved was putting hooks on the wall to hang up all the gift bags I have! Overall, Angela is efficient with great ideas. She made the experience an enjoyable one and made my closet look great even on a small budget! I’m very happy with the result and would highly recommend her to anyone!”

          Sarah, Sherwood Park

“Angela helped me tackle a home office that had gotten totally out of hand. She handled the project and me tactfully, non-judgementally and with determination. She was a pleasure to work with and I am thrilled to have reclaimed a functional and aesthetically pleasing space back in our home. I would highly recommend Angela!!”

          A.W., Edmonton