Be organized AND creative

Do you consider yourself to be a creative person? Often people who are artistic struggle with personal organization and many organizing solutions can seem too logical and lacking in personality to be attractive. It is important that our home and workspace are in tune with who we are – especially if you use that space to be creative, so how do we keep the character and still get organized?

Collect together some of the decorative items that you love – they could be bowls, boxes, jars, vases, old tins, photographs or ornaments for example - and start to use them as functional storage pieces.

  • Vases and jars could be used to store paintbrushes and pencils;
  • Bowls could store your house keys and wallet in your entrance way;
  • Old tins could provide air-tight storage for modelling materials, or dust-free pastel storage;
  • Ornaments can be used to hold your regularly worn jewelery;
  • Decorative boxes can provide a neat alternative to store that pile of paperwork;
  • Use a pinboard to show off all of the photographs and inspirational images that you enjoy.

The limit is your imagination.