Use your pantry door as a pinboard

The amount of paper that arrives in our houses these days is phenomenal and keeping on top of it all is a job in itself. So where does all of this paper end up? Well if your house is like most people’s it all ends up in piles in the kitchen getting moved from countertop to countertop, optimistically waiting for you to deal with it all.

So why not utilise an unused space in your kitchen to display important paperwork that you need to have easy access to – create a simple cork board to pin-up your notices, recipes, letters for school etc.

1 – Buy some cork flooring tiles or a roll of cork sheet.

2 – Select the area you want to use for your cork board  – could be a space on the wall, the back of a pantry door, or the inside face of a wall cupboard door.

3 - Cut the cork to size (if necessary) and glue into position.

4 – Happy pinning!!!!


1). you could cover the cork in fabric that matches your decor, before fixing into position;

2). you could add a fabric trim or use any other items to decorate the edge;

3). you may need to add a piece of foam board behind or use two layers of cork to get enough depth for the pins.